Thursday, 11 March 2010

Rhys House

I am currently in Rhys' house. In all fairness, Rhys' house is like a bloody sanctuary where we watch T.V, eat Food, drink tea and make pasta. I went to a art exhibition today. T'was indeed my first and I was impressed. I also saw a woman so pretty i genuinely considered becoming a lesbian. Not that I would. Actually, I can safely say i never will.
I don't exactly know what to write in a blog. I hope that this isn't a place where i am supposed to talk about interesting things, as i don't have much of that to write about, so i guess i will use it as some sort of diary kind of thing.
After writing this very small piece, i have realised how shit my creative writing skills have become since leaving school. Maybe this will help? Who knows. I shall write more when my muse decides to stop faffing about doing whatever muses do, and comes back to help me use my brain more effectively.
Ciao Bamberino's.

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